RCW 53.20.010 requires all port districts give the taxpayers a detailed view of their plans for acquiring and developing property and spending tax dollars. 

The Port of Whitman County utilizes several documents to fulfill the intention of the state statute. The Strategic Plan, together with the Annual Budget and Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements, describe the Port’s plans and intended future improvements for the purposes of satisfying RCW 53.20.010.

However, each document serves a unique purpose. The Strategic Plan contains the long-term goals and objectives that guide the Port’s overall strategic direction, while the Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements details planned improvements to Port properties. Every five years, these plans undergo revisions, informed by community feedback and periodic economic analyses.  

In addition, they are amended, as necessary, to authorize im­provements, acquisition of property, surplus of property, and/or adoption of plans and programs; making these living documents. Amend­ments occur through formal resolutions adopted by the Port Commission.

While the formal Port planning process takes place every five years, the Port evaluates its progress toward meeting established goals and objectives annually with the publication of a “report card.” 

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on these Port plans, please email us or call our offices at 509-397-3791.