June 27, 2023
Patty Kieburtz
Port Acquires Tekoa Property, Works to Prepare Land for Industrial Real Estate Development

14-acre property to be developed into site-ready real estate opportunity

TEKOA – The Port of Whitman County Commission completed its closure on a 14-acre property northwest of Tekoa on Friday, June 23.

The parcel yields an opportunity for industrial real estate development, broadening the reach of the Port and aiding in its mission to foster county-wide economic growth. The Port plans to transform the property into an industrial leasing opportunity through which tenants can bolster economic participation. The Port is encouraging conversations with local businesses seeking expansion into northwestern Whitman County.

Prior to the property’s closing, a two-phase environmental site assessment (ESA) was conducted as part of the Port’s real estate transaction due diligence. The first phase investigated the environmental impacts of the historical use of the property as an agricultural airstrip. There is no current intent to make the airstrip usable; the Port supports the city of Tekoa’s operation of the Willard Field Airport northeast of Tekoa.  

The minimal presence of hazardous substances within the site’s subsurface was located and investigated during the ESA’s second phase. A plan will be developed and enacted to complete cleanup of the property’s topsoil to prepare its grounds to be safely developed into a site-ready industrial real estate opportunity. 

The acquired plot dedicates Tekoa as the newest platform of employment and economic sustainability. Subsequent opportunities for development in the city and surrounding areas represent the continued efforts of the Port to strengthen economic growth in each corner of the county.

“The City of Tekoa is excited about the opportunity of the future development of the former Faunce Airstrip,” said Mayor Roy Schulz. “It will be interesting to see how this project develops.”

The Port welcomes the acquired plot to its portfolio alongside Boyer Park & Marina, Port of Whitman Business Air Center, Pullman Industrial Park and its three Snake River ports, Almota, Central Ferry and Wilma. 

“This purchase is a catalyst of economic growth for the city of Tekoa and the port district,” Port Commission President Karl Webber said. “It represents the Port’s commitment to nurturing and expanding the vibrant economic landscape of the county and its communities.”


About the Port of Whitman County

The Port of Whitman County is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens of Whitman County through industrial real estate development, preservation of multi-modal transportation, facilitation of economic development and provision of on-water recreational opportunities.