The Port of Whitman County made an offer to purchase 184 acres on SW Old Wawawai Road near US 195 in Pullman for a proposed Agricultural Advancement Campus. The Port is currently in the negotiations and due diligence stage; the property purchase is not final.

The Port has applied for a rezone change.  If the rezone is approved, the Port intends to create a campus for businesses in the agricultural technology industry.


What’s Happening Now

On March 22, the Port confirmed that it is continuing with the process to rezone 88 acres on SW Old Wawawai Road in Pullman for an Industrial Research Park after private partner AgTech OS announced March 21 that it would seek an alternate location for its biofuel facility. The Port intends to have a special Commission meeting later this month to continue discussing this process and any additional steps for the proposed campus. Commission meeting dates, times, agendas, and virtual meeting information are available here. The March 22 news release has additional information.

On March 1, the Port of Whitman County participated in the Pullman Chamber of Commerce Informational Session on the proposed Agricultural Advancement Campus. The event was recorded and can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aujPCB6CY0.

On March 2, the Port of Whitman County submitted its rezoning application for the proposed Agriculture Advancement Campus on SW Old Wawawai Road. The application requests classifications from the City of Pullman for Industrial Research Park (IRP) and commercial zoning. The following additional documents have been submitted to the City of Pullman as part of the rezoning process:

  1. Trip Generation Analysis- Submitted March 6, 2023
  2. SEPA Supplemental- Submitted March 9, 2023
  3. Noise Study- Submitted March 20, 2023

The IRP rezoning classification is a change from the Port’s previous proposal to request heavy industrial zoning on a portion of the site that is within Pullman city limits.

“Over the past month we’ve had many conversations with the City of Pullman Planning Department, with community members, and with our engineering consultant to learn more about the best way to approach the Commission’s vision of a campus to support the agricultural industry in Whitman County,” said Port Executive Director Kara Riebold. “The result is a decision to change our request to Industrial Research Park. If approved by the City of Pullman, this zoning would provide more flexibility for the Port and future tenants to support a diversity of businesses and jobs and locate those businesses suitably within the campus.”

The rezoning application includes the public park, residential commercial, and green spaces as in the preliminary plan shared in February; all other zoning is IRP.

IRP zoning would require businesses looking to perform a variety of manufacturing uses, including vegetable oil milling, grain milling, fruit and vegetable canning, and other uses to apply for a conditional use permit to operate at the campus. Learn more about conditional use permits in IRP zones on the City of Pullman’s website.

Rezoning requests go through a public process that includes review, recommendations, and hearings. If the rezoning request is approved by the City of Pullman, the Agriculture Advancement Campus would continue with local and state permitting processes. Both the rezoning and permitting processes include opportunities for public comment.

Resources and how to stay informed

The Port will continue to share information with the community about its proposed campus. To stay informed:  

Frequently Asked Questions

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